There are few courses on the island of Ireland that can claim to be as wild and adventurous as Scrabo. The 1st hole is the sort of introduction to strike fear and awe into the hearts of the most resilient golfer. The hole rises through banks of dense gorse to a small green sitting beside Scrabo Tower. It is Index 1. The tower dominates the skyline for the entire round, as well as miles around. This is a golfing journey like no other as holes streak across firm, tight, rugged fairways. They buckle over the terrain with sheer exuberance and careless abandon, following a flow dictated by the natural hillside. Scrabo may lack the finesse and pedigree of plush parklands but the holes here – some blind, many unique, all fun – deliver such entertainment value that they will absorb all of your golfing adrenaline. Endless views. Click link to view full list of
<a href=”“>“DG Ireland Top 150 Courses 2016”:</a>

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