Dun Laoghaire Golf Club – DG Ireland 2018


The Curtis Cup was held at Dun Laoghaire Golf Club in June 2016, reflecting the clubs size, quality and facilities. !
Certainly the clubhouse is one of the plushest you will find.
Set on a gentle hillside, facing the Great Sugarloaf, there are three distinctive nine hole loops.
They combine different shapes and challenges.

The Lower nine drop away from the clubhouse onto mostly level terrain with big water features; the Middle nine are the most colourful and shapely with a combination of trees and water and the Upper nine offer the biggest changes in elevation, plenty of doglegs whopping around bunkers and more exposure to the wind.
Which nine do you prefer..well that’s always an interesting discussion.
Settle into the plush clubhouse and debate away.
The views however are always on show.
Photo Credit: Nick Bradshaw
Text credit: Kevin Markham, Editor, Destination Golf Ireland 2018

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